One Thing Leads To Another: the It’s Done Edition

The front patio is finally done and I love it, especially the stairs. It’s just what I’ve wanted since I moved in. I gave a little Spanish style back to the house and I think it will thank me for it. The insurance even covered the cement work part of the project for which I am grateful. Now I have a patio that is an appropriate entry to the house and will be a nice place to hang out.




Backyard progress

The mulch is done, almost. I need to have a retaining wall built for the new patio area (of course, I wasn’t planning on that) but it’s getting done and i think it will look great. I’m thinking about tiling the retaining wall for some fun, but that, like the grass, will need to wait a bit…but the irrigation has seen major improvements and there is only about a third of the system left to be replaced.


One thing leads to another: The Bummer edition

So I didn’t notice it at first, but the outside of the patio wall totally cracked due to all the sledgehammering. It looks worse In person. I’m bummed, not sure what it will take to fix it, stay tuned…..

Update; after looking at some older pics of the front of the house, you can see that where the wall cracked is exactly where it had been repaired before. In other words, someone already broke it and fixed, but not that well. Not sure if that makes me feel better or worse.



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