Front yard love!

I am so happy with my front yard, drought tolerant and gorgeous. A winning combination. Liz Duer at Red Berm did the design and I wanted to make sure It was easy to find her here in case others wanted to use her. Here is a link to her photos of the project on Houzz.

The other day on Facebook I found out one of my neighbors used my yard as an example of how you should do drought tolerant design. Her blog Garden Rant talks about the less than good drought tolerant landscaping but uses my yard as an example of what one should do! Thanks Ivette!

Here is how it is looking today, almost a year after planting.



Patio dining

The patio has always been one of my favorite spots. There is a small table on the first level, near the grill, but it is really to small to eat at if there are more than two people. And the main level where the seating is has been a place I wanted a bigger table for a long while. I thought it would be great for dining as well as entertaining – a much needed space to put things.

Since I was hosting my dear friend Mark’s 50th birthday, I decide to take the plunge and get the table I had been coveting. I’m so glad I did, it was perfect for the party and such a welcome addition to the Patio. I look forward to a spring and summer of alfresco dinners.




Finally, the sofa for the Livingroom is done! I love it, totally changes the room in my opinion. Also, the sofa is much more comfortable. The frame was tightened and a firmer cushion added as well as some legs to make to not quite so low to the ground. It is reminiscent of a sofa we had back in NJ and that makes me happy.


Merry Christmas

Some little things have happened around the house, I’ve got some catching up to do post wise but really life has been busy, so they house was well loved but not that much improved . One of the things I did this year that made me happy was paying someone else to put up our Christmas lights!



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