First weekend House Hunting

So I started out with a bunch of open houses that were from my list of possibilities on Redfin. I pretty much am trying to see everything in my price range anywhere that may be an option to live. The volume plan, at least for now. Here is what I saw and some thoughts.
3004 glenhurst, Atwater – The listing said this was 1285 sq ft. I think we have a different way of measuring. It is a flip and it felt, for lack of a better word apartmenty to me. But what do I know it went pending after only 9 days.
1262 neola, Eagle Rock – This has been on the market for a while. It is a 3bedroom 1 bath. 2 bathrooms is really important to me but given the market I am trying to be flexible. This house had tiny living spaces, a mini kitchen that was so small the fridge was in the laundryroom. Wasn’t super keen on the neighborhood either….not for us.
4919 highland view, Eagle Rock – Turns out this open house is next weekend. Looks a bit small and only one bath, but still worth a look.
3629 mimosa, Glassell Park -This is a flip and done pretty well. There are of course things I would change. I don’t love the dark wood floors that every flip seems to have and well I am hoping to fix up a house the way I want and not live in someone else’s version of what a house should look like. However, I LOVE the street this house is on, it backs onto a park that you can access from the backyard. The house was big 1600 sq feet, had good light, was pretty tasteful. I think it will end up going for over asking and out of my range, and i didn’t fall in love.
2301 w chandler, Burbank – This house had potential! It was cute, again only one bath but had some good funky bits and some project funky bits. Burbank was 10 degrees hotter than silver lake which scared me and the yard was really small.
807 n mariposa, Burbank – This house was so much cuter than I thought it would be. Ultimately too small for me and in a bit of a weird neighborhood (industrial buildings across the street) but really nicely redone for the most part.
So that was it, that was my open house tour for weekend one. It definitely opened my eyes and adjusted my standards (down). This may not be a quick process.

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