Getting started

So last weekend I officially started looking at houses. After months of lurking on Refin and watching prices creep up and houses getting multiple offers and going for over asking it is with a somewhat realistic and dampened mood that I start this process.

It seems that in the neighborhoods I am looking, inventory is low and that is driving up prices, especially at my level which I have seen referred to as the “Starter Home” level….I guess they could call it worse things.

So where am I looking? That is an excellent question. As mentioned in the previous post Silver Lake and Echo Park are pretty much out of my price range unless I go condo which with a kid and a dog I don’t want to do. So my list in a somewhat ranked order; Eagle Rock, Mt Washington, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Altadena, parts of Pasadena, Burbank and Parts of Glendale (altho it may just be too hot in those last few) Unfortunately, this list is one that apparently a lot of other folks have as Eagle Rock is, I’m told, red hot. So we shall see…… I have had people pushing Sierra Madre, Monrovia and other overly east locations which I just don’t think I can stomach both in terms of heat and commute. I had a brief moment of thinking I could love in Long Beach but looking at one house there convinced me there is no way I could handle the commute (it was a great house tho).

So many of these areas vary so much street by street and of course there are schools to consider, and safety and how walkable the neighborhood is. I have decided not to “find” the perfect neighborhood but rather wait until the perfect house shows up and then suss out the hood. Otherwise, I could be waiting a really long time, waiting a long time may be a reality regardless. Being open should help.


Our temporary home, thankfully it was only for a weekend. Feels weird to post pics of the houses we are looking at but not putting offers in on so photos may be a bit random for a while here.

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