My first offer

A house on Ave 51, Bernie Williams’ # . AND with a 90042 zip, Mariano is 42 (and it is the answer to life the universe and everything, and Clinton was our 42 prez) these seems like good signs.

I’ve been told I will have to write a lot of offers before I get a house. Especially given how low inventory is right now. Plus I have an FHA loan which makes me less appealing to many sellers. So, armed with this knowledge I submitted my first offer this morning! It’s the house I saw in Highland Park. It is an older house and it likely has deferred maintenance but it is a trust sale and the owners have died so there no way to know until and if we get to inspection. Trying to be realistic, and take a wait and see attitude not sure how long that will last…..still planning on going to open houses this weekend, but hoping it works out.

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