Was that a good idea?

Sent the listing of “the house” to a trusted and friend and she was concerned with how much work and expense would be involved with the house. I’m not thrilled with how busy the street is but it’s really not bad and there are sidewalks for taking Bernie on a walk. (a lot of places I’ve looked at have not had sidewalks). Also questioning if more space is worth not being in the “perfect” location, whatever that is. I had another friend who works in the DAs office check the crime/gang situation and it came back as ok, but there are 2 known gang houses a half mile down the hill (apparently, gangsters don’t walk up hills, good for me).

At this point I’m sure I could change my mind, they have an open house this weekend and they won’t review the offer until Monday or Tuesday. I do know it was the first and only offer after a month on the market. What can I say, I see the potential and do like the location.

Will look at more places over the weekend and remind myself this isn’t a sprint, there is no rush.

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