Today’s open houses

3621 Effie St. We ran out of time, but thats ok, it seems to be a major fixer.

4919 Highland View Ave, Eagle Rock This is a good location but the house was small as were the rooms

And what Highland Park house hunt would be complete without a stop at Troy Burger. Charlie’s first time – he had the fries!

and a bit hard to see with the occupants there drinking beer. It wil be a great project for someone, just not me.

620 N Ave 53, Highland Park This was a nice house, smaller kitchen and a bedroom off the kitchen. But the killer for me was the tiny yard.

3361 Scarboro St, Mt Washington (barely) This was weird house on the main level was the kitchen and a 1/2 bath and that was it! Strange. Amazing views, truly amazing, but they dont change the odd layout.

585 Douglas St, Pasadena The agent was so nice. This was a definite fixer. A really nice street. Pasadena is hot hot hot, dont love that. The ceilings were glitter popcorn ceilings, lots of small rooms, it would need to be reconfigured to really work. The windows were all the old slatted ones. Definitely more than this girl could handle.

We also stopped by the Ave 51 house and I really really like it. Its the kitchen, not in its current state but what it can be, its so big and open and great for hanging out in. Charlie was with me and he loved the yard ran all over, and up and down the stairs… was nice to see him have so much space. Well I guess we shall see, I also noticed that the textured walls are everywhere except the family room and 3rd bedroom (they were an addition) so that is added work.


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