Ave 51 update

So the agent got in touch with David, and let us know that since it is a trust sale the family is conferring even though there is only one trustee which is slowing down the process. It is my understanding I am still their only offer.

The seller decided to get a foundation specialist out to assess the house as there was some question regarding the foundation (a few cracks in the ceiling, etc). They should get that today or tomorrow (counting on tomorrow) and will respond to my offer after that. Overall, this is good, more information is always better. I’m just not digging the pace…….but I have no choice so will just suck it up and wait and be mildly hopeful.

4 responses

  1. Loving your blog Maggie! I’m obsessed! Just started thinking that buying a home might actually be within our reach in a few years and this is very educational! Fingers crossed on your offer! We’d be neighbors again (well not really, but sort of)!

    • Thanks Amy! Let me just say if I can do it, you guys definitely can. It was actually not that hard to get pre-approved and I’m happy to tell you about the entire process if you want. Hope you Bill and Theo are all doing well.

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