OK, so really only, one possibility

So far I have realized a few things. Flips are not for me, I really dislike a “home depot” kitchen (granite counter tops, wood cabinets ss appliances), somebody must like them as they are everywhere but they are not for me…..thats not to say it would stop me from buying an otherwise perfect house but in general they are just ugly. I have also realized my search area is pretty small I am actually not willing to live too far east or really too far in any direction. It’s good to know as I am not running around in quite as many directions. I’ve still got plenty of neighborhoods to look and I’m really focusing on safety, schools and walkability.

A yard for Charlie and Bernie is a must, it doesn’t have to be quite this big tho!

So a couple of interesting houses popped up overnight, the first is in Pasadena and my agent said it is a nice street. 619 E Claremont. The schools aren’t ideal so I would have to figure out what the charter and private options are. It doesnt have central heat or AC but at that price point I could probably afford to add it prior to moving in (I’ve been told central AC can run from about 5-10k depending on if there is heat already, size etc). Crime looks pretty light. This one is not showing until tomorrow, but hopefully I can see it this week. UPDATE: saw this house today (thurs). Great curb appeal, really cute street. The layout was a bit odd. It was workable tho. Bedroom #2 was a permitted addition in the attic and that is where this fell apart for me, my ponytail was skimming the ceiling! I can’t be taller than my bedroom. And there was no central AC, and some walls would have had to be moved….it’ll be a great place for someone shorter!

The second house just fell out of escrow and it is in Burbank, 258 W Providencia and I’m hoping they would be pretty motivated. I don’t love the curb appeal and there are things I’d want to change right away but it has a good square footage, a yard and a pool! I’m again not thrilled with the schools and would need to look into that. Also I’m not sure about the area, will have to see it to see if its for us. UPDATE: this had an odd layout that would have been hard to put furniture in the rooms, the neighborhood did have a weird industrial street but once you were past that it was cute and even had a pocket park. The room layout was just a bit too odd tho.

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  1. Mags – I full on agree, the flips are so bleh. I know, I have one. And the kitchen totally shows it. Cheap, off the shelf, low end Home Depot with a “dude” styling. But – easy to fix once you’re in.

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