Moving forward, for now….

At least for now, I am moving forward as if everything will workout, hopefully it will, but it may not…

So today I started all the paperwork for the loan and ordered the appraisal. I also found a plumber to go out and evaluate the problems on Wednesday morning. David will meet him since I can’t be there. At the same time David arranged for seismic (foundation) people to give us a second quote and to address the retaining wall issue. The plumber was recommended by Allen and Nigel, he is also a contractor so can help with some big picture stuff as well. It is a relief to have someone who did a good job for friends.

After I get the feedback/quotes on Wednesday we can begin the process of renegotiating. This is the place where this all could fall apart. Hopefully though it won’t. I have lots of loan paper work, disclosures and inspection reports to review over the next few days.

I know folks do this everyday, but it’s all brand new to me.


2 responses

  1. Hang in there, Maggs! Hopefully everything will work out & you & Charlie will have years and years of happiness in the home (and the four legged family members, too!).

    • Thanks! It seems more likely to happen than not but I am still willing to walk away if the sellers won’t make needed corrections. It is definitely a good Learning experience

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