There is progress! Still behind schedule but there seems to be no lolligagging which is good. Hopefully, I’ll get an update from the seller tomorrow.

In other news, I found a great Sculptura patio set on CL, really amazing price so I grabbed it. Powder coating will likely need to wait but these will be perfect at the new place. My gram is sending me a little cash which will cover these, it’s still a splurge but in the long run to have patio furniture will be great. And the sofa and bed David and Pei are giving me arrive at the office tomorrow so it’s really going to start feeling like we are moving.

Durinda has some moving supplies she is giving me from her old office which is wonderful and silver lake wine said the have boxes galore, just call… all I need is a house that is actually mine!

Starting to get ready to think about packing

Not knowing when escrow will close makes me absolutely un-interested in packing, knowing that someone has a lease on my current place for Nov 1, makes me re think that somewhat. As an internal compromise I did manage to get four trash bags worth of items over to good will and have two more bags of items to pass on to friends. I cleaned out my desk, the linen closet, part of my closet, and went thru all of Charlie’s clothes to determine what was too small. All in all I feel pretty productive and like it was a purposeful day. To top it off we went to Ikea and I looked at large outdoor pots to get a sense of what I may use out in The yard. I did buy Charlie a few more things for his kitchen and I got some wire and clips that I will use to hang Charlie’s art in the new house. So not packing, but not bad.

The Never Ending Escrow

The sellers agent informed us, only when we emailed to check on progress, that the foundation is taking longer and is a bigger project than anticipated and may take three weeks or more before they are done and ready for reinspection…..argh! So now I have to talk to my landlord and all contractors. I’ve tried so hard to not need to move my move date but this is out of my hands, I wish there was something I could do but there isn’t. The worst part, aside from changing my move out date on my poor landlord, is that I’ll be hitting up against the holidays and Charlie’s bday for the move, which is a bummer.

And the seller still hasn’t given us a new close date so I don’t actually know what I’m telling people at this point. I’m grateful the foundation is being done the right way, it just feels like we will never ever move.

October 5th

Today, I signed an escrow extension paper until oct. 5, I need to be out of my place by oct 31, so this makes me v nervous. The work needed to be done will barely be able to be completed by then…I’m just hoping for smooth sailing….it’s gonna be tight…..but I’ll make it work.

I’m also pretty much set on what I want to do for the front bath remodel, now I just need to find a money tree. Even tho I can’t do it right away it feels good to know what I want and I can start getting pcs together for whenever it is time.

Durinda and I drove by the house after lunch and there were foundation workers there, hurray, they were breaking for lunch, lounging under the one tree, they had run an extension cord from the house and had a microwave plugged in – I can’t even get it together to bring lunch, they brought lunch and the microwave to cook it in, impressive

A big day

Today I was able to go to the house and meet some contractors, get additional quotes, etc. the seller is in the process of moving out so I could see things a bit better and get a few measurements as well. I got my third quote for HVAC the first one was for 15k and the second for 6k obviously a lot of factors I need to better understand to make a decision…so I’m working on that….met with flooring guy and discussed timeline and finishes he, Pepe, needs two weeks, gulp…but he is willing to work weekends. Also met Edwin who will do wall and ceiling smoothing as well as a host of other things, he is revising his quote based on all the addl stuff. We need to know this week who we are cutting checks to out of escrow and for how much. I think I’m set on plumber, walls and floors. Just need to get HVAC squared away….

The foundation guys are working and need 10 days, then termite then, then closing. It is going to be close, that’s all I can say. If this foundation work runs over, which it indeed may it could be not good as I need to be out of my place by Oct 30th

I’m hesitant to buy anything for the house until it is mine but I have indeed been looking, I found the sconces for the front room, but ouef are they spendy, but so beautiful, not sure what to do. Also have been looking at ceiling fans…

I really would like to be able to redo one of the bathrooms immediately, they are pretty grungy but I think it’ll be tough just doing what I’m already doing. Plus the roof, sewer main, gutters and windows should likely come before any bathroom remodels, patience….

My head is spinning a bit, but its all in a good way