First Letter to seller

Here is the first letter I wrote to the seller asking for repairs to be made based on what was discovered during the inspections. Much of the content was based on coaching from my realtor as I had no idea as how to approach such a letter.
Dear Linda and family,

Thank you for accepting my offer it is with great anticipation and enthusiasm that I look forward to making our home at 1863 n ave 51.  The moment I walked onto the property I could envision raising my son here and all of the happy times we will have. Your home has such a wonderful floor plan which is perfect for family life and entertaining. The yard is so large and a wonderful space for us all to enjoy. While my son is only two I can just see him sitting in the kitchen doing his homework someday.  As an Occidental alum, I am familiar with the area and have always enjoyed the neighborhood.  I can’t really explain why, but this is the only house of the many I have seen that felt like home.

As mentioned, I am an Oxy Alum, and also have my MBA from UCLA. I’m a single mom of an amazing two year old, Charlie,  who I adopted through the LA county fost-adopt program. Rounding out our little family is our wonderful Spanish Water Dog, Bernie Williams, and our cat – Halibut. I run a small non profit in Glendale that provides services for seniors.  Hopefully knowing a bit about us will help you feel good about the house’s future.

Thank you you for being so accommodating about the inspections. After the inspections it is clear there are some large unforeseen issues with the property over and above the the work I knew the home required when I made my offer.

The 15k negotiated was to help offset the costs of several projects I intend to do prior to moving in. Those include installing central heat and air, refinishing the hardwood floors, installing new flooring in the addition and funds permitting smoothing the walls and ceilings in the original home. This along with painting and other minor repairs is what I anticipated needing to happen. Longer term I was aware the windows would need to be replaced, landscaping, upgrading the kitchen and baths and privacy fencing for the yard.

As you have also learned from the various inspections there are some systems issues that need to be addressed so that the house will function properly and safely.  All of the inspection reports are attached for convenience. These are of great concern to me as they are health and safety issues and ones need immediate attention. As such, I respectfully request that you make the following repairs prior to the close of escrow:

As already agreed repair the foundation
Repair retaining wall and add gutters to prevent further foundation issues
Plumbing, sewer, sewer main, and water heater*
Termite work
Roof repairs to tiles and replacement of composite portion

I spent many hours researching and getting references on the chosen vendors and would request they make all the above repairs as they are proven to be fair and do quality work. If timing or other circumstances do not a,low you to complete all the repairs I would be open to the funds being paid directly to the contractors through escrow as well.

Thank you


*on the plumbing estimates there are a couple of places with options given. On the sewer main I request option two and for the water heater, the tankless option (the additional cost of tankless system will be offset by less expensive bid in foundation).

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