Second Letter to Seller

David, realtor, met with the seller’s agent and their response was the lower sales amount as per appraisal, the foundation work with a credit for 3k that was difference in the price between the two quotes and the termite work. So not too much of response. As David’s suggestion I wrote a second letter and hopefully we will get to where we need to be. If not, there will be other houses. That is getting harder and harder to say given the time, effort and money spent thus far but I do still mean it,  Ok here is the letter:

Dear Linda  and Family,

I truly hope we can come to an agreement that passes your lovely home from your family to mine. Thank you for the new price in alignment with the appraisal, it is appreciated.  As I have said before, I think this is a really great home with a lot of potential.  As a single mom and a first time buyer it is a lot of work for me to take on. When I made the initial offer it was based on the home being a cosmetic fixer. Plainly, stated I just don’t have the resources to address major systems needing repair.

I have been looking diligently at homes for some time and had the opportunity to view the sold comps your agent presented. These homes for the most part were on quieter streets and in move-in condition. Several of them had new roofs, new appliances, remodeled baths, central air and heat, upgraded systems, etc. that are not present in your home.

To bring the house up to the level of the comps much work must be done. I am prepared to do some initial cosmetic work up front and the rest over time. The 15k allows me to do necessary work to move in. (painting, smoothing walls, flooring, and contributes to the cost of HVAC).  The front bathroom needs enough work that an immediate remodel at the same time as repairs makes sense so as not to duplicate efforts or expense. This is an additional expense for me that I was not anticipating at this time.  Longer term, to make the house a home I will need to remodel the other bath and kitchen, replace the windows (and based on inspection this needs to happen sooner than later), the insulation needs to be upgraded, the sprinkler system repaired and expanded, gutters added, the retaining wall repaired, the yard landscaped and numerous other smaller projects. As you know the projects listed above are expensive and will require saving and planning on my part.

The termite and foundation work you have graciously agreed either to do or credit are a good step towards bringing the home up to a safe and habitable home for me, my son and our dog. However, the other key areas are the plumbing/sewer issue and the roof needing to be repaired/replaced. These items were not disclosed and I believe unknown to you as well as me until I hired various inspectors. Now that they are known they have a significant impact on the value of the home and will need to be addressed whether for me or another buyer.  The underlying problems with the homes’ systems make it far more than cosmetic fixer and as such warrant different terms than initially proposed.

I have invested considerable time and money at this point discovering what needs to be done to the house and consider myself quite invested and indeed hopeful we can make this work. That said, unless the needed repairs can be addressed I just can not take on the severity and cost of the discovered system issues in addition to the originally known needed upgrades. Therefore I respectfully request the full amount of the plumbing repairs and a contribution to the cost of the roof repair/replacement.

This is the house I hope to raise my son in and I need to ensure it is a safe and sound place to do so.

Sincerely and optimistically,

Maggie Bohlman

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