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Well on my end the loan approval is done but loan contingencies won’t drop off until foundation repairs and a few minor other things are done. The reality is this and this alone may push back close of escrow. The foundation people I wanted to use are booked until mid October so trying to get more quotes. Seller is giving me only one more day at house to get quotes. I understand they don’t want us in and out but still..

I’m getting a second and third hvac quote as the first one seemed high. Also trying to figure out timing of pre move in work. Sounds like hvac can be done in about 3-5 days and can be done concurrently with wall smoothing and should be done before flooring is done. Plumbing, sewer and water heater can be done any time. I am holding off on the sewer main for a bit but the plumber thinks that will be ok for a bit and we can do some preventative work in the short term.

Also, getting some estimates on a remodel for front bathroom, just to see what it looks like cost wise. Windows will need to wait, which is ok. I hope to get a new front door but again that could easily wait.

Nervous about the foundation/ loan contingencies, hoping we can get it worked out by early next week.

Looking forward to getting into the house on Tuesday and getting some photos and solidifying some paint colors, projects, etc…..I may never sleep again.

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