11th hour call from seller’s agent to cancel all inspections/quotes for tomorrow at the seller’s request. David and I worked really hard to get all the folks we needed to the house on the one day the seller permitted. And now this, are they hiding something? At best this pushes escrow closing by a week. At worst the whole deal could blow up. I’m frustrated enough I’m looking at other houses this weekend. I’m not sure what is going on with the seller, it’s pretty disconcerting. Here is the letter I wrote to the seller’s agent. She called my agent but didn’t respond to me….

Dear Brenda,

I just heard from David that you requested we cancel all inspections and bids we have worked so hard to schedule for tomorrow. I don’t understand why you would ask this, especially last minute. It was my understanding that you and the seller did not want us to be in the house other than this one day and David and I worked very hard to schedule everything we needed on this one morning at your request.

Given the discrepancy in the cost of the foundation work as well as our very short timeline I need more data points to ensure my comfort with the quality of the work. As you know between the pulling of permits, the actual work and the inspection report getting to the lender we don’t have a day to lose. We need to make certain the loan contingencies are lifted with a successful inspection.

At this point I am very confused and concerned. I’m trying very hard not to jump to conclusions, but I feel your seller is hiding something or hoping I don’t discover additional issues prior to the sale. Brenda, this shouldn’t be so hard. Perhaps, if we speak directly we can resolve this. I am available this evening as well as the morning. Otherwise, I hate to think after all this work will be for naught.


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