Back on track, I hope

So it seems we are back on track with Ave 51, or at least that is how it appears today. Looks like escrow will be pushed about a week, which is ok – not ideal but really in the scheme of things, fine. I told the seller to use their preferred foundation people as long as the work is permitted and inspected I am fine with it. I checked some reviews and references on the company and they seem good. The unfortunate part for me is they were almost 4k more expensive than who I wanted to use and that difference would have been credited back to me. However, my company wasnt available until mid October. It seems there was/is some concern I will walk away from the transaction on the seller’s side. Which is crazy, this is the house I want.

That said I did look at a few more houses today, just in case the sellers would make it too hard to complete the deal. I’ve given notice at my current house and need to be out by 10/31. So if this doesn’t work I still have time to find another home, at least in theory. With inventory so low that could be hard, but I’m hoping it’s a non-issue. Enough about all that we are on track for escrow to close before the end of the month and that is all that matters.

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  1. Girl, this has been gut-wrenching to witness! And, by the same token, I can’t help think to myself: ‘that Maggs, she’s got one of them there RICH, FULL live, hasn’t she?’ Keeping my fingers crossed!

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