October 5th

Today, I signed an escrow extension paper until oct. 5, I need to be out of my place by oct 31, so this makes me v nervous. The work needed to be done will barely be able to be completed by then…I’m just hoping for smooth sailing….it’s gonna be tight…..but I’ll make it work.

I’m also pretty much set on what I want to do for the front bath remodel, now I just need to find a money tree. Even tho I can’t do it right away it feels good to know what I want and I can start getting pcs together for whenever it is time.

Durinda and I drove by the house after lunch and there were foundation workers there, hurray, they were breaking for lunch, lounging under the one tree, they had run an extension cord from the house and had a microwave plugged in – I can’t even get it together to bring lunch, they brought lunch and the microwave to cook it in, impressive

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