Week One

It’s been less than a week, 6 days, since I closed and a lot is happening. Hard to believe it was Saturday that we moved in. The front two bedrooms, living room and dining room have had the walls and ceilings smoothed and are ready for painting! A very dusty job, but it looks amazing. I found a corner china hutch which is being incorporated as a built in in the dining room (it took some tweaking but it’s great now), the recessed lighting is installed in the kitchen and the kitchen wallpaper has been removed in prep of painting. The HVAC guys are here and will be done Friday or Monday. The plumbers are here redoing the plumbing and sewer lines. They hope to have the washer and dryer hooked up by tomorrow ( I really hope they do). And today the hardwood floor guys started in the front, they are patching and prepping to refinish over the weekend. Here are some pictures of the progress:





The ceiling and wall smoothing started on Friday, about 18 hours after closing. The HVAC and plumbing started today. The floor guys will start on Wednesday once the front walls are sanded and be done in the front the following week. After that, we will move out of the back and into the front. At that point, I should be able to unpack a lot more of our stuff and get Charlie’s room set up.

Lots of decisions about what to try to do now vs what can wait.

It’s super dusty but so far so good

Moving day!

So today we move, Durinda is here helping. Anne Louise has Charlie out and about and Bernie is with Stefan, the dog sitter. Halibut is In his crate and not super happy, it seems cats aren’t fans of moving.

Most of our stuff will go into a storage pod in the driveway while the renovations happen. We will have tv today and Internet starting Wednesday. Wish that was the reverse.

Shelves are up in the shed to help maximize storage, the workers started smoothing the walls in the front of the house yesterday and were supposed to be back today. So it’s all happening, it’s exciting and less than ideal given the construction zone in which we will be essentially camping but the hope is everything will be done by thanksgiving!

Back to the move….


Could it be?

Word is I will close tomorrow, everyone says this is really it. The plan is to then move up the move to Saturday so that the workers can get to it on monday. Edwin, is going to come on Friday to get a few things done prior to our move in. When I say move in it should maybe be in quotes since we will essentially be camping in the house until all the renovation work is done. Perhaps I should say this round of renos since there will be plenty more in our future.

I also,really shouldn’t but may well get Charlie a Swingset for out back, money that should go elsewhere but shouldn’t every kid have one?


So now it looks like Thursday for the close date. Someone did a calculation wrong and I had to run another check to escrow this morning. And there was yet another doc that needed to be signed by all parties, so I’m not even sure if Thursday is solid. At this point, nothing will be done when we move in and we will be living out of suitcases for a month, hopefully not longer. I am so so bummed I don’t even have the words. I hate how hard this will be on all of us, including the creatures.