The seller said they will be ready for inspection on Friday! The inspection has been ordered and this is all good. Being new to all this I thought we could then close next week…..nope. It looks like we will close between the 17th – 22nd. That is not bueno and basically means we will move in to a construction site. My new revised goal is to get the hard floors done in the entire house BEFORE we move in. As much as it wont be great we can live in the back half of the house  while the walls get smoothed and painted in the front of the house and while the HVAC and plumbing get done…and the back half walls and paint can happen around us if need be, not ideal but doable….

The floor guy needs two weeks, if we close on the 17th we should be able to move by halloween, nothing like cutting it close. If there are any other delays well then it will get just that much more complicated……

So far every date has moved, so I’m not quite sure I believe it, fingers crossed that we can make the 17th work AND that the various contractors are available at that time……

I got the first of my moving boxes and my lovely co-workers are coming sunday to help me start packing. Moving is the one time in my life I question needing three sets of china

Close up of my Franciscan Metropolitan China

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