The emails are flying

I have spent a good portion of the day responding to emails about Ave 51, and I am sure there are more coming. So it sounds like the seller is back to being ok with the inspection happening on Friday. Apparently, the seller’s agent spoke to the inspector and feels comfortable that what he needs to see is done. So maybe we are back on track, maybe? I know better than to count on it anything at this point.

David has been great in helping kick off the process of talking to the 4 different contractors/workers I have coming in to do work on the house. The HVAC, flooring, walls/ceilings, and the plumbing need to be coordinated to see who can work when and what can be done concurrently and what needs to happen on its own. The added twist is what work can be completed with us moved in and what really can’t. Will be interesting to see what timeline we come up with and then see what actually happens.

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