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Sorta a quite day today on the house front. I heard from David, the shower pan work is done and the termite guy was ready to do the fumigation. No changes, no drama all day. Waiting to hear back from some contractors, hopefully they will get back to me tonight

I have been talking to this great guy in Brooklyn about building a custom table for the kitchen, I’m really excited about it and it will cost less than and be much more durable than the Saarinen knock off table I was thinking about. Hopefully I will order that Monday and it should take about a month to get here. Today, I did order 6 wishbone chairs for the kitchen, will wait until we get in to the house to see if I should add two more. Then chairs were on sale so that was great. So that feels like a small amount of progress and something I could control.

Reinspection is supposed to happen tomorrow, I really hope it does as it is the first step, to really actually closing!

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  1. Where did you order your chairs from? I’m not ready to pull that trigger yet (have to recover from buying the table) but ‘on sale’ is a good thing, and I totally respect your taste.

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