Saturday the seller’s realtor gave us a timeline that feels realistic, foundation/stucco to finish mon, or at latest tues. tues reinspection as well as my final walk thru. Wednesday tenting for termites and we should be off and running to closing, hopefully on or before the 19th? Possible? Yes. Likely? We shall see, but I am guardedly optimistic.

Thanks to two of my co-workers I started packing today. The dining room and all three sets of china are packed and ready to go. The dining room is now 1/3 full of boxes! At the last minute we wrapped all the boxes together so they, hopefully, won’t fall on Charlie if he tries to climb on them. Packing with a toddler is a whole new experience. Next I want to get some books boxed up. The kitchen and Charlie’s closet (storage mostly) are the next biggest hurdles. If I can do a few boxes a night during the weeks ahead and have half a day or so on weekends, I should be ok….I think.

Got a moving quote and movers all set, so that feels good. Fingers crossed to see if it all comes together this week.

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