Final walk-thru

It happened, on schedule, just like it was supposed to, ain’t that somethin’? The house looked great and was nice to,see it without the sellers furniture. The foundation work made a huge difference in terms of the floors no longer sloping. The shower was repaired in the front bath and it will be much more usable until I can get to a remodel. That is a relief.

Next up, the house gets tented for terminates and all the paperwork needed gets submitted to escrow. The reinspection happened either yesterday or today. I will feel better once that is confirmed. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that all goes as hoped with the final paperwork and that we don’t hit a snag. With any luck escrow will close by next Friday! But I will not count on it until it happens.

Before we move in the plumbing and hopefully floors will be done. The hvac and wall smoothing/painting will happen in the front of the house while we live in the back and vice versa. Not ideal but manageable for sure. I’m sure with 4 different tradespeople working there will be some snafus, I just hope it’s all done prior to thanksgiving

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