Inspection passed & possible timeline

So the inspector’s report came back and we are moving forward! I just spoke to mortgage broker and Friday the 19th is realistic and there is a possibility that I could close as soon as Wednesday the 17th! But that assumes everything moves smoothly and with vendors being paid out of escrow there is room for things to go awry… I said fingers crossed.

Due to the limited timeline of us needing to move out of our place by 10/31, all the work will obviously not be able to be completed on the house. I have spoken to 3 of the 4 trades people and have a plan in place with them. The 4th the HVAC person I have to speak to later today.  The plan is to get the family room, back bedroom bath and kitchen completely ready and have us and as much of our stuff move in there (and hopefully overflow boxes/furniture to the shed/garage). Then they will work on the livingroom, dining room and front two beds and the bathroom after we move in. It isn’t ideal but it sounds really workable, so I am hopeful it will go at least close to plan.

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