Tented! & HVAC news

This is very exciting to me. The tenting is the last thing the seller needs to do and then we are set. Good news.

I spoke to Bruce, the HVAC guy, and he is able to work with the schedule of the other tradespeople and get in there right after I close. So that is great. We should have HVAC and new plumbing and sewer lines before we move in! After talking to Bruce, I decided to upgrade to a more efficient AC unit, 18 seer and after researching it a bit further it seems like a really good choice. I am also going with the nest programmable thermostat. Bruce will also install  fans in the bathrooms for me, which will be good. I have definitely missed having one in my current place.

On the not so good news front there is about 3k in additional closing costs I wasn’t expecting and that is a bummer, but all in all it is not that big of a deal just means some improvements (specifically the non urgent electrical panel) will have to wait and get added to the long list of things to do. That’s ok, I magine that will be a really long list by the time we move in.

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