The closer I get to closing, the longer my to do list is

So now it’s down to paperwork and getting it all done for a closing of Friday the 19th. I am really not sure I can handle another delay. Fingers crossed it all works out.

On a separate note, the front of my soon to be house does not have a lot of curb appeal, in my opinion. It’s not a mid century or craftsman, obviously, and those were the two I had pictured us in. And as far as Spanish revival, I think it’s lacking in a few areas- especially the windows. In a word the windows are awful. They are those hideous 70s metal windows. The worst part is I am sure, given the style of the home and that it was built in 1927, the original windows must have been gorgeous. The windows make me cringe, but it will be a bit of time before I can get to them. The front and garage doors are icky, they need to be replaced with something cute and Spanish-y. The lack of landscaping both front and back is a travesty which I will fix over time and the red paint in the front porch needs to go….some nice Saltillo tiles are what it needs. I could go on, but you get the idea, lots of room for improvement.


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  1. Stop stressing and wanting to get everything done!! You are buying a house – you and Charlie will have a home and that is what you should concentrate on so you don’t go crazy!! You will make it look wonderful just being in it! xo

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