Oh Good Grief!

Still no loan docs, apparently there is a bottle neck somewhere that is ruining my life. OK, so not ruining my life but definitly suckee. Looks like middle end of next week is now the best estimate for closing. I can’t control this I need to just accept it at this point.

My one hail mary pass is a long shot but worth a try. The mortgage broker is going to talk to the sellers agent to see if they will allow me to start working on the house once the loan papers are signed, after that it really is all technicalities. I would of course start my homeowner’s insurance from that date and also include the seller as an insured party so as to mitigate any liability issues for them. Like I said, it is a long shot but its worth at least giving it a try. Will know about that in the next day or so….

At least I am trying everything I can…


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