Packing in a word, sucks. It is pretty much impossible to pack with Charlie here. Fortunately he has had some outings with some very nice friends so I could get work done (thank you ALR and Durinda).

I ran thru all the boxes I have, except those that will fit various wall art. I hope to get all things framed packed up over the next few nights. I still need to figure out how many more boxes I need. At this point the kitchen is 3/4 done the dining room is done, the living room is done except for the media center, my room is started and Charlie’s room- well that is still a project. As will be picking up the Flor tiles.

I need to get some paint for wall touch ups and have at least one night of spackling in my future. I had Edwin, contractor for new house, patch the cat doors and take the tvs off the walls last week so that is done, aside from painting. That and taking down the kitchen chandelier are the main projects I have to do here still.

Next weekend Jonny V has offered to come with his truck to help move some stuff over to the house, that will be a huge help, especially if I can be mostly done packing by then.

I really appreciate and need the help I’ve been getting. It Is crazy that some people move all the time, I’m so not into it

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