Week Four

No photos for week 4, nothing new to see since the hardwoods were put in on thurs/fri. The drywaller was supposed to be here today but is not. The back rooms look the same as the did. I’m generally a little frustrated. Some plumbing things need to be redone, or done better and I hate that sorta stuff. I’m now in the position of needing to ask for corrections repairs and questioning if all the other work I can’t see was done appropriately, argh. Hopefully I’ll feel better after meeting with plumber. I’ve asked him to contact me. I also need to pay the hvac guy and get the final things done from him. The thermostat isn’t fully set up yet and we are waiting on delivery of vent covers.

I could go,on but lots of things aren’t quite done or are partially done and that drives me nuts. I’m also super frustrated the floors won’t be done before gwen comes to help. I know we can still do a lot but it’s annoying as I really really was hoping to be done, more or less, with the move when she left and there is no way that can happen now.

I know it’s normal to get frustrated during renovations, and I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be in a position to have all this done, it’s just not a day where the fortunate is shining thru the dust and debris.

That leak from last weekend

That leak from last weekend was the roof and chimney flashing pulling apart from each other. Yes I need a new roof but this is something that happens without routine maintenance. Edwin went up to the roof and resealed the area. Hopefully, that will do it. I still have a roofer coming out next week to take a look and give me a quote and address any pressing issues.


New hardwood floors, part 1

Well the new hardwood floors are in the family room and kitchen, tomorrow they will do my bedroom. Then they need Edwin to come in and do some drywall work, then tues they will be back to sand and buff and then two coats on, Edwin will then paint, and then they will put third coat on. All of that will likely take until the end of the week, or longer. Patience is a virtue and I’m sure Gwen can help with some stuff even if the floors aren’t done when she is here. Regardless, it’ll be good to see her.

The floors already look so good in the kitchen, I want to do the cabinets and countertops too! But those will have to wait….for quite a long time…..someday



Douchey neighbor

Let me start out by saying I had no idea how much noise the flooring guys would make today and to admit it is indeed loud. Saws and hammers and such. Also, I never expected them at 7:15am, nor did I think they’d still be here at nearly 2:30p on thanksgiving. I planned a quiet day at home to make sure Bernie was ok given that there were workers in the house. And I have to, say its mostly been a great day. Lots of hugs from Charlie and a generally snuggly day.

I was just getting ready for a walk when this guy came and knocked on the door to complain about the floor guys, he said he lived in back, where he was not at all clear, nor did he say who he was. All he said was didn’t I know it was thanksgiving the one day of the year i shouldnt be doing this (really, the one day?) and that there was too much noise. I’m paraphrasing, he was rude at best. Normally, I’d have apologized and asked the workers to stop but this guy was so unpleasant I did neither. I did ask Pepe and his crew to bring the saw inside, turn down their music, and to close all the windows, I’m sure it’s all still a bit noisy outside, but I’m also sure it’s much quieter than it was. To put it in perspective, even with everything moved inside, one room away from where I am sitting, Charlie is watching the tv with the volume only up one level from where it was last night.

Really, if he had just said “hi, I’m ____, and I live right there and the noise is getting in the way of my fill in the blank” I would have totally apologized and wanted to work something out. Instead, he just really pissed me off….

I met one other neighbor and she seemed nice enough. Hopefully, the other neighbors I meet will be nicer, douchey neighbors are a bummer.

First deadline missed and Dec 12th

Initially, all renovations were slated to be done by Thanksgiving, and that is so not happening. Today the flooring guys came and pulled the carpet in the back, tomorrow they pull the linoleum from the kitchen. The work on the kitchen is going to be rough, no washer or dryer and limited access to kitchen things, and not sure what days or for how long. Today they said next week sometime the floors will be done, depends on what they find under the kitchen Linoleum. Gwen comes next week and I just hope,they are done enough for us to start moving in to the entire house. I need the help and would hate for the timing to be off, in spite of all the efforts I went thru to make it align. No matter it will be great to see Gwen and she can help with some things even if it’s not all that i had hoped we’d get to. But I am getting ahead of myself. Will have just have to,wait and see how the next few days go.

December 12 th is the day the back windows are being delivered, so that is really exciting. I’ll find out tomorrow from Edwin how long it will take home to install them. It seems the New date that I am hoping it’s all done by is Xmas….we shall see. But windows, even just 5 of them is exciting.

Week 3

Hard to believe we have been here three weeks already. On Wednesday we moved into the front part of the house and they started working on the back rooms. There was the heartbreak of discovering a mostly rotted out wall behind the paneling, and the even worse feeling of finding out it’s still an active leak. This will get fixed, it is just another minor delay, but it still sucks. The windows for the back of the house are ordered. Work is getting done, but it’s slower than I hoped and it’s all taking longer than hoped. That said what’s done looks great and I am happy it’s all happening. This weekend Dawn is here so I can get some unpacking done. Charlie’s room is all set up and the living room, while not done, is much better. I’m so grateful for the help. Here are a few pics from week three:




No bueno

The back remodel started this morning at 8am. By the time I left we had found some mold under the paneling. By the time I came home for lunch it was No Bueno. The supports behind the wall were all rotted out and looked to have had significant water damage. I’ve calls in to,insurance, home warranty and termite guy to see if anyone might have some coverage but I sorta doubt it. However, it’s worth checking as this makes the project larger than planned. Also, the attic insulation was in bad shape and was just wall insulation, not the appropriate stuff at all so that will need to be replaced. Sorta a bummer of a day.

On a positive note I ordered an inexpensive new vanity top for the front bath and a new faucet and inexpensive toilet. So while,there is no remodel on the horizon at least it will be clean and safe for us to,use. (the current vanity has Formica and strips are peeling off).

Also, the windows for the back are finally ordered and should be here in 3-4 weeks. I found a garage door I liked but at 5k that will definitely be a later thing..good to know what the price will be tho.

To end on a Bueno note, I’ve had all the insides of the closets painted tangerine orange and it’s really fun.