More about windows and some landscaping

Today I finally met a window guy that gets what I wanted to do. He was really helpful and had good insights and ideas. He suggested skipping the French doors in the back due to code and space issues. He concurred that all the side windows should be vinyl to save headache and money. And he is designing the three front windows to match the period and style of the house. I should have a quote in the next few days….this is the first time I’ve felt excited about windows in this house! Of course, I still need to wait on them due to cash flow but it will be great to have a plan. Edwin, my contractor, is replacing the two,small windows in family room as they are currently boarded up,with plywood so that at least will get done without spending a fortune.

I met with a landscaper today and while his suggestions weren’t earth shattering they worked. Along the fence to eventually build privacy hibiscus and Bougainville. A few fruit trees on the top tier – apricot, grapefruit, orange and Meyer lemon. And in the main grassy area a jacaranda for shade (messy but worth it, they are so pretty). He can also do a quick fix on sprinklers and a full on one for about 1k. Obviously the quick fix will do for now. I like the plan and hope to be able to do some of it soon. The front will come later but my hope is to eventually l replace all the grass, but no rush there.

Today, the walls in the front got primed and will get painted tomorrow, exciting! The kitchen lights are in and look good. The instant hot water tap finally got installed and I am loving it. The wall paper for the dining room arrived and I found an installer to put it up on Tuesday. Progress.

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