Week Two

Things are going a little slower than planned and we still don’t have a table (tables,are a great place for 2 yr olds to eat..much neater than the couch), but overall a lot is getting done and we are moving forward. Now it looks like mid next week that we will move into the front, it will happen and it will feel luxurious. The fridge has arrived and Edwin will do his best to get the cabinet sized for it today. The new dishwasher is getting installed (of course there were an additional fees to install given how old the wiring was, etc) and the new kitchen faucet has arrived. My daisy toleware chandelier is hanging in the kitchen , just waiting for a table to be centered under it. And perhaps, most exciting to me is that the painting has started! And with the painting moldings are going up and things are looking good!

This week had some setbacks and unexpected costs (sewer main and gas line), as well as some frustrations with not being sure about windows and how to get just the two I need now (still working on that), as well as not having the resources to do all I want to initially but overall I know how incredibly fortunate I am. I am able to provide what will be a cozy home with a yard for Bernie and Charlie and that is just about as good as gets!





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