The pod is empty

Today was a big day, we moved out of the back two rooms into the front three rooms. We did this and also emptied the storage pod in the driveway. The shed is pretty full, but a lot of furniture came inside as did many boxes. I’m so happy dawn is coming this weekend to help. I should be able to get a lot done. Charlie’s room is currently a conundrum but hopefully I can figure out how to make sense of it. The living room is full of stuff as is dining room, I am hopeful that the weekend will help me find space for most things.

The pod is now empty and will be picked up on Friday. That means I can finally park in the driveway! The kitchen table is enroute, I can’t wait to see it. The kitchen chairs should arrive dec 12th. I’m not at all sure about the living room layout but hopefully being in the room Will help.

Pepe should start on the floors in the next few days, Edwin is starting the remodel of the back two rooms and the landscape guy should be here next week! Progress is good and we do indeed have progress.

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