No bueno

The back remodel started this morning at 8am. By the time I left we had found some mold under the paneling. By the time I came home for lunch it was No Bueno. The supports behind the wall were all rotted out and looked to have had significant water damage. I’ve calls in to,insurance, home warranty and termite guy to see if anyone might have some coverage but I sorta doubt it. However, it’s worth checking as this makes the project larger than planned. Also, the attic insulation was in bad shape and was just wall insulation, not the appropriate stuff at all so that will need to be replaced. Sorta a bummer of a day.

On a positive note I ordered an inexpensive new vanity top for the front bath and a new faucet and inexpensive toilet. So while,there is no remodel on the horizon at least it will be clean and safe for us to,use. (the current vanity has Formica and strips are peeling off).

Also, the windows for the back are finally ordered and should be here in 3-4 weeks. I found a garage door I liked but at 5k that will definitely be a later thing..good to know what the price will be tho.

To end on a Bueno note, I’ve had all the insides of the closets painted tangerine orange and it’s really fun.




4 responses

  1. wow! What a project! While I cannot say ‘don’t worry, you’ll get through…I know from experience’, I CAN say that if anyone can muster through this – you can. Just think of how beautiful and functional (and distinctively YOURS) everything will be when finished…

  2. Did you have a home inspection when you purchased? I don’t know the laws in Cali, but in other parts of the US, some liability falls on the home inspector when significant issues are identified. Thankfully you didn’t continue to live that way ….

    • I did and it was really quite thorough. He pointed out the issues on the roof and more specifically the chimney, but there was no way of knowing what was behind the walls and if the leak was active or old. So now I know!

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