Week 3

Hard to believe we have been here three weeks already. On Wednesday we moved into the front part of the house and they started working on the back rooms. There was the heartbreak of discovering a mostly rotted out wall behind the paneling, and the even worse feeling of finding out it’s still an active leak. This will get fixed, it is just another minor delay, but it still sucks. The windows for the back of the house are ordered. Work is getting done, but it’s slower than I hoped and it’s all taking longer than hoped. That said what’s done looks great and I am happy it’s all happening. This weekend Dawn is here so I can get some unpacking done. Charlie’s room is all set up and the living room, while not done, is much better. I’m so grateful for the help. Here are a few pics from week three:




2 responses

  1. I love love love Charlie’s room! The colors are fantastic! I hope that you have seen the last of the unexpected problems and everything goes smoothly from here out.

    • Thanks! Me too! Managed to get a lot done this weekend thanks to Dawn being here to help with Charlie, and now I’m totally beat….lots more to do, but all in good time. Now I just need to get Charlie to actually sleep in his new room.

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