First deadline missed and Dec 12th

Initially, all renovations were slated to be done by Thanksgiving, and that is so not happening. Today the flooring guys came and pulled the carpet in the back, tomorrow they pull the linoleum from the kitchen. The work on the kitchen is going to be rough, no washer or dryer and limited access to kitchen things, and not sure what days or for how long. Today they said next week sometime the floors will be done, depends on what they find under the kitchen Linoleum. Gwen comes next week and I just hope,they are done enough for us to start moving in to the entire house. I need the help and would hate for the timing to be off, in spite of all the efforts I went thru to make it align. No matter it will be great to see Gwen and she can help with some things even if it’s not all that i had hoped we’d get to. But I am getting ahead of myself. Will have just have to,wait and see how the next few days go.

December 12 th is the day the back windows are being delivered, so that is really exciting. I’ll find out tomorrow from Edwin how long it will take home to install them. It seems the New date that I am hoping it’s all done by is Xmas….we shall see. But windows, even just 5 of them is exciting.

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