Douchey neighbor

Let me start out by saying I had no idea how much noise the flooring guys would make today and to admit it is indeed loud. Saws and hammers and such. Also, I never expected them at 7:15am, nor did I think they’d still be here at nearly 2:30p on thanksgiving. I planned a quiet day at home to make sure Bernie was ok given that there were workers in the house. And I have to, say its mostly been a great day. Lots of hugs from Charlie and a generally snuggly day.

I was just getting ready for a walk when this guy came and knocked on the door to complain about the floor guys, he said he lived in back, where he was not at all clear, nor did he say who he was. All he said was didn’t I know it was thanksgiving the one day of the year i shouldnt be doing this (really, the one day?) and that there was too much noise. I’m paraphrasing, he was rude at best. Normally, I’d have apologized and asked the workers to stop but this guy was so unpleasant I did neither. I did ask Pepe and his crew to bring the saw inside, turn down their music, and to close all the windows, I’m sure it’s all still a bit noisy outside, but I’m also sure it’s much quieter than it was. To put it in perspective, even with everything moved inside, one room away from where I am sitting, Charlie is watching the tv with the volume only up one level from where it was last night.

Really, if he had just said “hi, I’m ____, and I live right there and the noise is getting in the way of my fill in the blank” I would have totally apologized and wanted to work something out. Instead, he just really pissed me off….

I met one other neighbor and she seemed nice enough. Hopefully, the other neighbors I meet will be nicer, douchey neighbors are a bummer.

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  1. Yes, there is ALWAYS one of those neighbors in every neighborhood … always. I just hope I am not ever one of them, but anything is possible!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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