Week Four

No photos for week 4, nothing new to see since the hardwoods were put in on thurs/fri. The drywaller was supposed to be here today but is not. The back rooms look the same as the did. I’m generally a little frustrated. Some plumbing things need to be redone, or done better and I hate that sorta stuff. I’m now in the position of needing to ask for corrections repairs and questioning if all the other work I can’t see was done appropriately, argh. Hopefully I’ll feel better after meeting with plumber. I’ve asked him to contact me. I also need to pay the hvac guy and get the final things done from him. The thermostat isn’t fully set up yet and we are waiting on delivery of vent covers.

I could go,on but lots of things aren’t quite done or are partially done and that drives me nuts. I’m also super frustrated the floors won’t be done before gwen comes to help. I know we can still do a lot but it’s annoying as I really really was hoping to be done, more or less, with the move when she left and there is no way that can happen now.

I know it’s normal to get frustrated during renovations, and I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be in a position to have all this done, it’s just not a day where the fortunate is shining thru the dust and debris.

One response

  1. I feel you. When we redid our kitchen and had no sink for more than two weeks (don’t remember how long anymore) and laying all of the floors, repainting the house … more than one tear of frustration and exhaustion was shed. Every time I would say, “What in the world was I thinking? I must be utterly crazy!!” Of course that was because we did that ourselves. [I did not install the granite though.] The good news is that in time you forget the pain, and you will have the beautiful results. What you have done so far is just awesome. So proud of you. Get it girl! Side note: .David made me promise to not watch HGTV until we moved to the next house.

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