No progress

Not much happening this week. Some stucco work on the exterior and one of the side gates went up. Inside, only a few boxes unpacked since we have been away or had company all but one day. The good news is hosting a family of four is totally doable in this house and we aren’t on top of each other, it is pretty great. And the best part is how much fun Charlie has had playing in the yard with the other kids, that alone makes me happy to pay the mortgage. It’s just so nice to see him running around outside and laughing and laughing. The boxes will happen, for now hanging out with friends is much more important.

Week 8

I’m going to stop counting at this point. Plenty to still be done, but I have finally moved into my bedroom, which means we are officially living in all of the house. Doors are still missing, shelves and lights are needed still but the bulk of this phase is done. Now I can move on to the getting settled. Seeing as I moved into my room on Friday, then had our lovely work party that evening at the my house and then left Saturday for our Christmas trip there is still a ton to be done. Boxes need to be unpacked for my room and the guest room/ craft area…the bathrooms aren’t yet sorted…given I live with a 3 year old this will take some time, but I can at least get started on it and that is great news.

I had to get the guest room to at least functional as company arrives before I even get home. And it is barely functional, but a bed is set up and there is a tv and some room in the closet, I think that should be enough, even if its not what I had hoped.

It will be great to get home and hang our with our company and get to spread out in the entire house!





It’s looking good for me to move into my bedroom and out of the guest room tomorrow! I’m very excited as this is the last major thing to do before I can feel moved in. I’m also hosting our work holiday party tomorrow, guess I will need to clean up some. The two ceiling fans are installed in the back and the medicine chest should go in tomorrow. I’ll be waiting on the bedroom door and the bedroom closet doors until the new year but that is ok, they will come. The console tables for family and living rooms should arrive right after Xmas and the kitchen chairs and dining table should also be here soon! Feels like the end of this phase is near. Exciting!

I wish

I wish I had enough money to replace the roof, to replace all the windows (not just 5), fix the electrical and remodel the kitchen and baths….but everything works, it is looking so much more like my house every day. I’m grateful, but it’s hard to not be a little Veruca Salt-ish and not want more, more, more, now, now, now. We have a great place to live, I’m grateful, the other things will happen, just not right away….this is a good lesson for me. also, in the scheme of how I live and how happy Charlie’s childhood is, a kitchen remodel is pretty low on the totem pole, this is good to remember.

Week 7

Sadly a lot less happened yesterday and today than was supposed to. Edwin, contractor, is trying to juggle two jobs and I don’t think anyone is happy. He was super apologetic today and was here late, I feel bad for him, but of course worse for me. I’m not sure when we will be done but as long as I know what is and isn’t happening it’ll be ok, Edwin promises I can move into my room next week. Once that happens the other things will be minor annoyances if they aren’t done…and they will get done eventually.

I got the furniture Into the family room today, well this evening. And i am lounging on the couch with a fire in the fireplace as I type. The sofa was bigger than expected in the room and my original layout plan didn’t really work. For now the tv is in the corner but I think it should go over the fireplace if I keep this setup. This room is awkward at best as far as layout. The sectional sofa takes up a lot of space but may be one of the better options….I’ll have to live with it for awhile and think. I am v happy with the colors and can’t wait until the windows re done and curtains hung etc.

Not at all related to the house, but I really love my kid and my dog.




Thursday update

This is a week where some things are getting done and while there is a ways to go the end is almost in sight, almost. Here is a pic of kitchen table. Sadly, the kitchen chairs aren’t here so those are the dining room chairs we are using for now, not a great color combo but functional. I like the rug and wall color and am excited to get kitchen chairs, whenever that may be (due date was yesterday, now sometime this year…hopefully). There will be at least a couple more weeks of work I am guessing. Halibut, the cat, managed to leave dirty paw prints on newly painted fireplace last night, his contribution I suppose. If we can indeed get the family room furniture moved in tomorrow that will be so nice. The door for my bedroom is in but I think it opens the wrong way, always something…..but it at least gives me an idea of how nice it will be now that we made the room a bit bigger. Hopeful they can make some progress today……we shall see




Windows and a door

The five windows came for the back two rooms today. As did the interior door for the master bedroom. Of course it is raining. Two of the windows, the ones by the fireplace were at least in, tho not finished when I left this morning. Will see how the others go, given the rain I am expecting some delays.

Jose ran out of paint for the closets but I got some more this morning. Today he finally started painting the fireplace and it looks really nice, I wasn’t sure about doing that but am so glad I did. I also got a new light fixture for the bathroom, but it wouldn’t allow the medicine chest to open if installed so I have to return it and try again. I am spending a lot of time in hardware stores.

The plan is now to move the family room furniture in on Friday afternoon. I really do hope that works out, it will be great to have the space and be able to get some things put away finally. The rug arrived yesterday for the family room which is great as it will feel cozy and let me get a good overall visual for the room. Speaking of rugs, I put the rug down in the kitchen under the table and I really like it. At first wasn’t sure about the shades of yellow with the rug and walls but it’s good. Now I can’t wait for the kitchen chairs which were supposed to be here this week, but now they are saying hopefully before year end. One thing about this move, it’s forcing me to be patient!