One step forward, two back

Yesterday the gardeners came and planted what will some day be nice privacy borders along the fence. Hibiscus on one side, Bougainville on the other. When they grow in there will be lush bright colors and it seems very LA to me. They also put in a pink grapefruit, Valencia orange and lemon trees as well as an avocado tree… In time they will produce lots of wonderful fruit, in time. And they cleaned out the beds and planted a mimosa tree that will someday provide shade on the center level. This is all great and while I can’t really afford to do anything, else getting this all in now I will at least get the foundation of the garden in, allow it to get established.

The closet organizers for the master closet also arrived yesterday and are ready to be built and the vanity top for Charlie’s bathroom is also here. However, the front door is now delayed due to dock strike. My much coveted and eagerly awaited kitchen table arrived, but it arrived damaged. To say I was heartbroken would be an understatement. The lovely guy who hand crafted the table is now working with the shipping company to figure out our options which is so nice of him. These things happen but such a bummer.

The back two rooms are primed, but not the kitchen…..I feel like I’m at this weird getting close to done but now we just will never finish….hopefully some progress will be made today



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