Paint, grills and table

So the painting in the back two rooms is finally underway and the kitchen is primed. This is all good news. The bad news is due to some less than stellar drywall work the painting and hence the final coat on the floors won’t be done until monday or Tuesday. At least it’s happening.

The grills for the HVAC came in to day and they came right out and installed them, they look great. They are paintable and once that is done, they will look even better.

The insurance claim for the table is being processed and in the mean time the damage is minor enough I can still enjoy it. The table is so much nicer than this photo suggests, it’ll be great once the kitchen is done.

I like days where things get done. There is a still a ways to go and it sounds like we will be in the middle of the back windows/ doors being installed for my annual cookie party, but so be it. It will be great to have those windows in and not be looking at a boarded up window anymore. And I can’t even imagine having a door that easy to use to get out back, it’ll be exciting. I also ordered a door to go from the garage to the front patio. Currently there is a window there. I’m beyond excited about this and wish it wasn’t going to take 2 weeks to arrive. This will allow me to park in the garage and then exit onto the gated front patio with kid, dog and stuff so everyone will be safe. The patio isn’t covered so we will get wet in the rain still, but it’s not like It rains here that much and the safety aspect of it (so no one can bolt to street) will give me a lot of peace. The door will be like the front door but with no speak easy.

The next door neighbor confirmed what I suspected, the previous owners did a s little as possible as far as upkeep and did what they needed to get by and that was it. Not that it matters, things are getting done and that is good.




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  1. wow, this is all really great news! even the table…while bad news, has it’s silver lining in that you can still use it while they process the insurance. 🙂

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