Windows and a door

The five windows came for the back two rooms today. As did the interior door for the master bedroom. Of course it is raining. Two of the windows, the ones by the fireplace were at least in, tho not finished when I left this morning. Will see how the others go, given the rain I am expecting some delays.

Jose ran out of paint for the closets but I got some more this morning. Today he finally started painting the fireplace and it looks really nice, I wasn’t sure about doing that but am so glad I did. I also got a new light fixture for the bathroom, but it wouldn’t allow the medicine chest to open if installed so I have to return it and try again. I am spending a lot of time in hardware stores.

The plan is now to move the family room furniture in on Friday afternoon. I really do hope that works out, it will be great to have the space and be able to get some things put away finally. The rug arrived yesterday for the family room which is great as it will feel cozy and let me get a good overall visual for the room. Speaking of rugs, I put the rug down in the kitchen under the table and I really like it. At first wasn’t sure about the shades of yellow with the rug and walls but it’s good. Now I can’t wait for the kitchen chairs which were supposed to be here this week, but now they are saying hopefully before year end. One thing about this move, it’s forcing me to be patient!

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