Thursday update

This is a week where some things are getting done and while there is a ways to go the end is almost in sight, almost. Here is a pic of kitchen table. Sadly, the kitchen chairs aren’t here so those are the dining room chairs we are using for now, not a great color combo but functional. I like the rug and wall color and am excited to get kitchen chairs, whenever that may be (due date was yesterday, now sometime this year…hopefully). There will be at least a couple more weeks of work I am guessing. Halibut, the cat, managed to leave dirty paw prints on newly painted fireplace last night, his contribution I suppose. If we can indeed get the family room furniture moved in tomorrow that will be so nice. The door for my bedroom is in but I think it opens the wrong way, always something…..but it at least gives me an idea of how nice it will be now that we made the room a bit bigger. Hopeful they can make some progress today……we shall see




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