Week 7

Sadly a lot less happened yesterday and today than was supposed to. Edwin, contractor, is trying to juggle two jobs and I don’t think anyone is happy. He was super apologetic today and was here late, I feel bad for him, but of course worse for me. I’m not sure when we will be done but as long as I know what is and isn’t happening it’ll be ok, Edwin promises I can move into my room next week. Once that happens the other things will be minor annoyances if they aren’t done…and they will get done eventually.

I got the furniture Into the family room today, well this evening. And i am lounging on the couch with a fire in the fireplace as I type. The sofa was bigger than expected in the room and my original layout plan didn’t really work. For now the tv is in the corner but I think it should go over the fireplace if I keep this setup. This room is awkward at best as far as layout. The sectional sofa takes up a lot of space but may be one of the better options….I’ll have to live with it for awhile and think. I am v happy with the colors and can’t wait until the windows re done and curtains hung etc.

Not at all related to the house, but I really love my kid and my dog.




4 responses

  1. Okay, rug is AWESOME and I guess I let it get past me that you were going to have a sectional couch. It is big, isn’t it? But I’m predicting many happy family lounging days in your future…so well worth it. Love the fireplace, and the wall color.

  2. Is the wall long enough to put the sectional up to it, [instead of having a walk-way behind the couch?] It will give a lot more perceived space. Or maybe change it so that the sectional is backed up to the sliding glass door.

    It looks great, this was merely a commentary based on your comment about space and creating more playroom for Charlie.

    Looks so cheerful and charming! Understand about wanting to finish a project all at once, but there is a magic to having something to work towards … and the joys of each incremental success.

    Merry Christmas to you guys!

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