Week 8

I’m going to stop counting at this point. Plenty to still be done, but I have finally moved into my bedroom, which means we are officially living in all of the house. Doors are still missing, shelves and lights are needed still but the bulk of this phase is done. Now I can move on to the getting settled. Seeing as I moved into my room on Friday, then had our lovely work party that evening at the my house and then left Saturday for our Christmas trip there is still a ton to be done. Boxes need to be unpacked for my room and the guest room/ craft area…the bathrooms aren’t yet sorted…given I live with a 3 year old this will take some time, but I can at least get started on it and that is great news.

I had to get the guest room to at least functional as company arrives before I even get home. And it is barely functional, but a bed is set up and there is a tv and some room in the closet, I think that should be enough, even if its not what I had hoped.

It will be great to get home and hang our with our company and get to spread out in the entire house!




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