Still Doorless/well potted

Closet doors are here but no luck getting contractor here to paint or install them, so I was right about next week being when they get done, hopefully it won’t be pushed even further. I did get a few hooks up in various places so that is something. My HVAC guys came by today to adjust the heating vents – it was too warm in family room, my room and kitchen. They adjusted it from the furnace and it should make a big difference. I will be happy once I know Charlie’s room is no longer running cold. I hate thinking he could be cold at night, I will do everything I can to keep him happily asleep! And they are going to move one of the vents in the living room to make them more symmetrical. This is v. V. Exciting to me. The wont be perfect due to constraints from support beams, etc but it will be much better and they can do it next week!

I did go get 6 more pots for the front patio so that is exciting and now that I have them all placed where I think I want them I need to figure out plants. I can’t afford plants until mid month but I’d like to get them soon there after if possible. So many possibilities, so much to learn before I make my choices….exciting but also a little daunting as I’m no expert in outdoor containers with morning sun and afternoon shade.


Craigslist find

Found these lovelies on Craigslist for a steal….they just need to be cleaned up and have drainage holes added. They were $20-$40 ea and are lovely ceramic pots (and they are huge)…I’m debating going back and getting more. They will live on the front patio. I can’t wait to fill them with lush plants. The patio will no longer be so empty.


Closet doors get delivered today

The last bit of the renovation work will finally be done once the closet doors are installed! They arrive today between 1-4p. Then they will need to be painted and installed. I’m super excited about this. Hopefully all the little things will get finished up this week as well. Given how things go, I expect this may run into next week, but the end is near! The kitchen chairs still aren’t here but that’s ok, they will be eventually. Maybe I can get things hung and the flor tiles done by then and feel like we are finally moved in, we shall see….


The gardener came by to help me determine what had happened to the poor hibiscus that he planted. They look like they need water sort of, but they don’t. It seems they didn’t tolerate the freezing temps we had recently. Bummer, hopefully most of them will survive, but only time will tell.

Of course, I’ve been fiddling with the patio and have a few more small pots to fill…for now. When melissa and I were in palms springs I picked up an orange bullet planter….there were so many good patio items that we saw on our day trip, it was nice to bring at least one affordable item home. I also added, or started to add, a patio made out of recycled tire pavers on the third level so we can sit up there when I have friends over and the kids are on the swing set. I need to figure out if I am going to install it as they suggest with a gravel base, seems to me quite functional w/o but I know it’s better to do things the right way.

I really love all the outdoor space, so many possibilities.





Gates and Doors

The front doors are in and stained. They need some touch ups, but are mostly done. As I’ve mention the direct access to the garage has made a world of difference in my day to day schlepping of kid, dog, packages, etc. and it also looks great. I’m eager to fix up the front patio, all in good time… just has so many possibilities…..



The side gate was made custom to fit the space and I have a pic of them making it as well as one of it installed. It’s not fancy but it is so great to have. It prevents the kid/dog from heading out to the street and was the final piece needed to make the yard and driveway contained and safe for everyone to run around. It’s amazing how much less stressful getting in and out of the car is knowing no one can dart out to the street. I may sound a bit over cautious but it would only take a second for a really bad thing to happen, better safe and all that. Plus it’s just nice to feel snug and safe.



Backyard improvements

My friend Melissa is visiting and with a gorgeous 80 degree day we did a few improvements in the back yard. I love how a little work can make a huge difference. We got some patio tiles, tho I need to get more of them, to make a patio area up by the swing set. Additionally, we got some new plants, repotted some other plants and organized the back patio. It’s looking much better. Feels nice to make some progress.





Family room

The TV is mounted in the family room and it is great to have that done. It makes me really want a new tv of course, but mine is fine for now. I’d just like one that was a little bigger and all black with a smaller frame…but like I said mine is fine. The TV on the wall with the fireplace and the two windows is far too many rectangles for me in the wall. I really need to figure out window coverings for those small windows. I still hope to to the built in benches under the windows but that will take a while…but it’s good to keep in mind as I think about window coverings. So while not perfect, getting the TV mounted is a good step in the process.