Still at it

Finally, my bed room is unpacked and I have my clothes and shoes back. I even stayed up late one. night and got my jewelry settled into the new jewelry armoire/mirror. There are still some clothes in the shed but the majority made it inside.It is great. Today Edwin even installed my bedroom door! I’m still missing closet doors but they should be here this month, the room feels so much bigger having moved the door to the end of the hallway, really glad I did that. My room still needs the art hung, but I’m thinking…….so it will happen when it happens? I also still need to put the Flor tiles down. I did take a big car load of stuff to goodwill and it feels good to have it out of the way.

The front doors also arrived and are installed but not stained yet. That should happen later this week. They look great and it is amazing just how nice it is to be able to use the front door when coming home. I am really glad I added the entry door onto the side of the garage, being able to exit the garage onto the gated front patio (vs. the driveway with proximity to street) makes a world of difference.

I have some realistic hopes that Edwin and crew will be done this month with everything from this round of improvements! The roofer guy is coming this week to give me some quotes and that along with my tax refund (if any) will determine when I can do the built in book shelf in the family room which is really the last small project left!

Still no date for the kitchen chairs, tv mount or bedroom closet doors….I will check on all of them tomorrow, it should be soon on all of them.

I ordered a new desk. That should arrive on Saturday an will go in guestroom/office. It will be so nice to have a Desk again. My old small desk was really a dresser and is now being used by Charlie.

I am eager to get the final unpacking done and art work hung so that I can get the shed organized and finally feel settled and start on fun little house projects!

Eager to see what this week brings….





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