The Roof….

So, I finally faced my fears and had someone come look at my roof. I knew it was old, there was at least that one bad leak we patched, and every time it rained I was fearful about what was happening. It’s no surprise I need a new roof. There are already three layers of shingle up there and they are o-l-d. The roofer who came, recommended by someone I trust in this area,  said there were some areas that need sealing around all the new and existing pipes and a more substantial seal where the fireplace had leaked. This he said will get me thru the winter, perhaps more than one. SO, for a mere $750 I will have peace of mind. It actually, seems totally worth it. Jay the roofer also told me to plan on something just shy of 7k for a new roof, less than I had anticipated. That will help with budgeting and saving for a roof.

Of course, of course, that is not the end of the story. I also have a section of tile roof. Jay told me my tiles are the older type and they are no longer readily available and cost a lot when you do find them….great. But, it turns out I didn’t have lost or cracked tiles, just tiles that had moved around. So for $150 the tile portion of the roof can be made whole again. Total relief.

A very boring post about a not so interesting but totally important part of the house. It is such a bummer spending money on this kind of stuff….the joys of homeownership are new enough however that I dont really mind.

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