The list

Getting close to being done for now, not that I’ll actually ever be done but I’ll be focused on DIY and getting settled vs. larger projects done by others. What’s still left on my current list is a combo of big and little. Other folks need to, paint and install closet Doors once they come, some shelves in closets still need to be added, tile repaired in front Bath, front door needs some minor work on the jam, touch ups on paint, tv installed and of course still waiting on kitchen chairs. I need to get office set up and boxes sorted and things filed. Carpets need to go down in my room and guest room and then I need a carpet cleaner to come in and give older rugs a good cleaning along with living room chairs. The shed needs to be organized and some more books need to come in the house . I also want to get the back patio organized and functional and start to plan what to do with front patio, and maybe add some potted plants to both front and back. The front lawn could use a bit of ground cover or easy plants to spruce it up, and finally I want to get a fiddle leaf fig for inside the house.

My next big project will be some adding some built ins in the family room but that will require saving up…..but there is lots to do before then, I am Sure there are lots of things I’m not even thinking about. However, each time something gets done it feels great.

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