Gates and Doors

The front doors are in and stained. They need some touch ups, but are mostly done. As I’ve mention the direct access to the garage has made a world of difference in my day to day schlepping of kid, dog, packages, etc. and it also looks great. I’m eager to fix up the front patio, all in good time… just has so many possibilities…..



The side gate was made custom to fit the space and I have a pic of them making it as well as one of it installed. It’s not fancy but it is so great to have. It prevents the kid/dog from heading out to the street and was the final piece needed to make the yard and driveway contained and safe for everyone to run around. It’s amazing how much less stressful getting in and out of the car is knowing no one can dart out to the street. I may sound a bit over cautious but it would only take a second for a really bad thing to happen, better safe and all that. Plus it’s just nice to feel snug and safe.



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