The gardener came by to help me determine what had happened to the poor hibiscus that he planted. They look like they need water sort of, but they don’t. It seems they didn’t tolerate the freezing temps we had recently. Bummer, hopefully most of them will survive, but only time will tell.

Of course, I’ve been fiddling with the patio and have a few more small pots to fill…for now. When melissa and I were in palms springs I picked up an orange bullet planter….there were so many good patio items that we saw on our day trip, it was nice to bring at least one affordable item home. I also added, or started to add, a patio made out of recycled tire pavers on the third level so we can sit up there when I have friends over and the kids are on the swing set. I need to figure out if I am going to install it as they suggest with a gravel base, seems to me quite functional w/o but I know it’s better to do things the right way.

I really love all the outdoor space, so many possibilities.





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